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Maurice Ager out of Michigan State
Maurice Ager
6-5, 202 lb senior SG out of Michigan State
Age: 37 years, 62 days old
HomeTown: Detroit, MI
NBA Upside: Cuttino Mobley
ClutchFans Mock Draft: Not in the lottery
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Maurice Ager Profile
Maurice Ager is one of the top shooting guard prospects in the draft, having led the Big Ten in scoring with an average of 19.2 points on 45.7% shooting from the floor (37.6% from long range) as a senior with the Spartans. Ager won the conference's Most Improved Player Award in 2004 and 2005 and was co-named the team's MVP in 2006. He is a terrific scorer, having scored 20 or more points in 19 of the team's 34 games this season, earning 2nd Team All-Big Ten honors as selected by the media (3rd Team by the coaches).
Maurice Ager Strengths
Ager is a terrific athlete with great speed, making him an ideal fit for a team that gets out and runs. Instant offense. Attacks the basket well and can throw down the jam in traffic. Possesses good range, hitting just under 38% from downtown as a senior and just over 40% as a junior.
Maurice Ager Weaknesses
Like Mobley, Ager can get shot-happy and is not an outstanding passer, as evidenced by his upside-down assist-turnover ratio as a senior. Outside of scoring and shooting, he will have a lot of work to do at the pro level to become a consistent rebounder and defender.
Maurice Ager on the Houston Rockets?
The Rockets need shooters and they need guards, meaning a player like Ager would be a welcome addition. Pre-Morey, the goal was to build a roster that could constantly play 4 athletes next to Yao Ming, and Ager would fit that bill. However, would he be the best use of the #8? Van Gundy thrives on defense and Maurice may not stick out enough in this area, and despite having a few inches on Luther Head, he may not give the Rockets too much more than what they have in last year's first rounder.
-- Clutch
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