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Rockets Commit Victorious Blunder

Convincing win puts Rockets in a tie for the 11th seed, boosts Sonics to #7

THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2006   11:00 AM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2006
The Houston Rockets didn't know the true ill effects of their costly win until they logged in to the lotto standings this morning, but Wednesday night's inexcusable 115-87 rout of the Sonics could have head coach Jeff Van Gundy cancelling all practices this week.

"I was watching Yao with the spin moves and I told Ray [Allen] 'Dude, I think they're trying'," said Seattle forward Chris Wilcox.

A Rocket loss would have put the Rockets just percentage points away from the 7th spot. Instead, the mysterious victory has Houston tied at #11 with Chicago, while Golden State edged in front of both after their stunning upset loss against the frigid Hornets.

"We came home and got a huge 'L'," said Warriors guard Jason Richardson. "Nobody believed we'd lose this game but us."

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