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No Brains, No Balls

Rockets catch fire late in Denver, dozens of ping pong balls perish in the blaze

TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2006   1:29 AM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2006
Like Rocky V, the Rockets pulled off a comeback Monday that you just couldn't stand to watch. Down 8 with 2 minutes to go, they somehow, someway ... won.

"Devastated. Absolutely devastated," said guard David Wesley. "It's hard to swallow, but when I look around this locker room and see the guys we have, I know we are as talentless as any club out there."

The ill-timed victory did massive damage to their lotto standing and has fans popping open the bubbly in Minnesota. Houston was a lock to finish the Lotto Sprint no worse than 7th in a tie with the Timberwolves, but now finds themselves in a tie for 8th through 10th that is unlikely to change.

In the "Clash of the Bitin's" between New York and Charlotte, the Knicks proved that a heart-free team loses out to less talent each and every night. The Knick loss assures that the second round pick to Houston is no worse than #32.

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