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Reviewing McGrady's impact
Local paper publishes records with/without T-Mac, but they need some adjusting
By Clutch
Copyright 2007
Reviewing McGrady's impact
The Houston Chronicle published a good piece Wednesday morning, written by Jonathan Feigen, on Tracy McGrady and his impact on the team.

Some numbers were published in the article that a few fans sent to my email box and posted on the BBS this morning, but unfortunately they need some slight adjusting.

The article reads that "in the past 2½ seasons, the Rockets are 96-25 when McGrady plays; 10-26 when he does not."

96-25 would give the Rockets an incredible .793 winning percentage in games where Tracy suited up, but actually, the Rockets are 96-57 (.628) when McGrady plays. The impact is still clear however, particularly when McGrady is not available as the Rockets are not 10-26 but rather 11-35 (.239) when he's out.

Each season had different players so it's worth taking a look season-by-season. Here's a breakdown of the numbers, excluding the 2004-05 playoff series against the Mavericks (when the Rockets went 3-4). I've also included those numbers when Yao was active with T-Mac as well.

Season Didn't Play Played Played with Yao
2004-05 2-2 (.500) 49-29 (.628) 48-28 (.632)
2005-06 7-28 (.200) 27-20 (.575) 21-10 (.677)
2006-07 2-5 (.286) 20-8 (.714) 14-6 (.700)