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Artest on ClutchFans: Let Me In!
Rockets forward says he's trying to create a ClutchFans account but can't get on
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2008   2:43 AM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2008
Artest on ClutchFans: Let Me In!
Houston Rockets forward Ron Artest made an appearance on the Carmichael Dave radio show in Sacramento in the wee hours Friday morning, and a fan called in to ask him a question.

Does he ever go to ClutchFans?

"Yes, yes. I'm on ClutchFans a lot," said Artest. "Dave got me on ClutchFans. I was trying to get a password and ID, but for some reason I can't get no ID. I can't get on the site. I'm trying to interact but I can't."

The host of the show, Carmichael Dave, proceeded to ask Artest if he did get an account on ClutchFans if he would try to correct Rockets fans who criticize him.

"No, no, no. I'm not going to do that -- oh yeah, I might do that. I want two IDs. I want to be a heckler. I want to be like an internet heckler," said Artest.

The former Sacramento King also tossed in a teaser gem that he might post with his second "anonymous" account.

"Ron deserves a $100 million extension. He really does," deadpanned Artest.

For those asking -- I'm not sure why Artest can't get on. Carmichael Dave does post on the site, but he suffered a 5-day wait from when he registered until I approved his and about 100 other new accounts back in July. That was my fault -- it was pretty hectic when the Artest trade happened, but it still shouldn't have taken that long. So as a result of that wait, Dave assumed that we're not letting Ron's account through, but that's not the case.

So it's hard to say if the 6-foot-7 forward is serious about having attempted to get on, but if he did communicate with Houston fans like that, he'd likely rocket from current fan favorite to legendary status overnight.

Well, for me he already did when he delivered this line.

"My kid's asleep. I've eaten dinner. I'm ready to get on ClutchFans," said Artest.

(I can't make this kind of stuff up ... here's the audio)