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Chronicle: a "necessary development"
By Clutch
Copyright 2000
Well it's past 3am and I still haven't responded to even half the emails nor completed all that's needed to be done ... so you can imagine what Jeff has on his plate! First off, thanks to all those who support the site and wrote in how to help. Monday was nonstop publicity for the Save Our Rockets! movement... from KPRC Channel 2, FOX 26 KRIV, 610 KILT and others. Be sure to read the SOR News page and Special Thanks section. But apparently the buzz wasn't restricted to the fans and media. In a Houston Chronicle article entitled site a necessary development, Jonathan Feigen reports that SOR "caused an immediate buzz in the Rockets' offices and even briefly in the locker room". Said Rockets CEO George Postolos "It's a catchy name. These guys did a nice job. I hope it's effective. We appreciate the support these guys are getting together. Putting together the site in support of the organization, we really appreciate that. These kinds of things are effective if they generate a major grass roots movement. Look at other cities. Those kinds of things have made a difference." Fantastic news. As SOR has now taken on a life of its own, we will return our focus at back to Rockets hoops tonight when they take on the Cavs and inform you from time to time of new developments at SOR.