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Eventual demise of the 'Big Three'
FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1998   9:27 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 1998
Said Eddie Sefko in his recent Rocket Report at the Sporting News, "Personality conflicts between Charles Barkley and Clyde Drexler are part of the reason a rumor has surfaced that Barkley wants out of Houston before the February 19 trading deadline. Barkley denies this and, while several sources admit he did broach the subject of a trade, Barkley has been assured that the Rockets have plans to improve the team, if not before the deadline, then definitely in the off-season via free agency. Barkley is apparently content, for now. But Drexler seems to be leaning toward retirement at the end of the season, so it appears the Rockets' Big Three are headed into their last three months of action together."