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Garbage Performance
Rockets hurl numerous bricks, can't squeeze by lowly Hawks 84-75
By Clutch
Sometimes, NBA basketball is damn near unwatchable.

This season, when the Rockets play the bottom feeders of the league, it is unwatchable.

Houston scored 31 points in the entire first half, shot under 35% for the game, missed 14 of their 27 free throws and still had a shot to win the game down the stretch.

But that attempt, like just about every shot they threw up, was a no-go as Jason Terry led the Hawks to an 84-75 win in Atlanta.

The Rockets fall to 19-15 on the season, and continue their up and down ways. What is really frustrating is the Hawks came in to this one with a 12-22 record, and were without leading scorer Glenn Robinson.

Houston had no real solution to Terry, who popped off for 33 points on 13-24 shooting, 7 boards and 6 assists. He absolutely used Cuttino Mobley and didn't make Steve Francis look too good either.

7-11 from the floor, 20 points and a career-high in the rebounding department with 16. I love the energy Eddie is showing out there the past couple of games. Progress, progress, progress.
Ohh, so hard to watch. The travelling call in the first half where he dribbled it above his head, the dribble out of bounds, the bad shooting... please Stevie, tell us something was wrong with you on this night.

But Francis didn't need help to look bad on this night. Steve played 44 minutes, going 6-19 from the floor and 5-11 from the charity stripe, matching his assists (5) with his turnovers. The past two games where Stevie was limiting his shots? That went out the window. Just a horrible performance.

Neither Mobley nor Glen Rice had the shooting stroke working either. Mobley (5-13) and Rice (5-15) missed 10 of their 13 three-point attempts. At one point Mobley was so frustrated with himself (from a foul call) he just ran up to Yao, bearhugged him and screamed in to his chest, as Yao just chuckled. It was not their night.

Speaking of Yao (the antidote for Rocket shooting woes), he did not have it going on tonight. Yao missed 8 of his first 10 shots and was so frustrated that he threw down a two-handed hammer jam in Theo Ratliff's face and yelled at him, drawing a technical for taunting.

Believe it or not ... that was a bright spot. It was obvious that the Rockets felt that was a point worth giving up in order to see Yao show that kind of emotion.

That's a small bright spot -- the big one was Eddie Griffin.

Usually when the Rockets shoot like trash, you can point right to Eddie as one of the big culprits. Not tonight. Eddie hit 7-11 shots, scored 20 points and snared 16 rebounds, a career high (his previous career high was 13, set 3 times last season). Look out folks -- that's two strong games in a row for Eddie.

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